Life has been a little crazy since God gave us Owen! Owen has reflux, which really bothers him. He also doesn’t like to sleep during the day except in someone’s arms. This makes for a lot of struggle. Thank God that he sleeps at night… for the most part.

Yesterday, I (J.J., yeah I cook sometimes 🙂 ) was cooking lunch, Susan was taking care of Owen and Jack was running around playing. All of a sudden, I heard a loud CRASH right behind me! I turned around and there was Jack on the floor with glass all around him and a big whole in our glass door (see pictures below). I pick him and up and start looking all over his body… his head, his hands, his shoulders, etc. There were no cuts! He was fine! He was scared (as were we) and crying, but he wasn’t hurt. We are so thankful!

As I was looking over Jack, one of the things that kept coming to mind was “why is this happening now?” We are barely making it with taking care of Owen and Jack and getting work done as well and now this. What is God doing? I think he wants us to realize our neediness and call out to Him. It’s working!


Our little boy


Jack is really growing up! You can see in the pictures below that he isn’t a little baby anymore. He is a real joy to us! He loves balls! Everyday we have to stand in our hallway and kick one of his balls back and forth.

Jack riding a cow

Jack on the counter eating Cheerios

Smiling Jack

Owen Samuel Foster was born on February 8, 2010. He weighed 10 pounds, 14 ounces just like his big brother Jack.

So on Christmas Eve, we went to our good friend’s, the Hicks’, house for a get together. It was raining so Aaron (Hicks) brought us home in his car. As Susan was getting ready to read to Jack, he tripped and crashed head first into the bed railing. The result was a call to Aaron to take us to the emergency room where the doctor assured us that everything would be okay and that the swelling would go down within a few days and that Jack would have a nice black eye. Here are some of the pictures from Christmas morning.

From Christmas 2009
From Christmas 2009
From Christmas 2009

As you can tell, he still had a good time. I think it hurt us more than it did him.

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On the way back to Spain, we had a 7-hour layover at JFK airport. One of our concerns was what would we do with Jack for 7 hours in an airport. Well, a nice lady at a “Life is Good” store gave Jack a balloon and that balloon became hours of fun for Jack and lots of laughs for us. He threw it, caught it, jumped on it, sat on it, kicked it, and ran after it for hours. It was amazing that it never popped!